Is Minimally Invasive Surgery an Option?

Is minimally invasive surgery better than the traditional surgical method? Well, it depends. The question is – how do get the answer to this question? The best thing to do is get all the relevant details from a qualified and experienced surgeon and make an informed decision.

What is minimally invasive surgery? Whether it is diagnosis or treatment, a surgeon may use a minimally invasive technique. This involves inserting an endoscope (a long, flexible tube fitted with a camera and light) along with other tools, for treatment if necessary, through small incisions on the body.

The surgeon uses the light and camera to diagnose the problem, and, if it is for treatment, uses the tools to operate on it. It does not require cutting open the body for surgery, hence the name.

Advantages Of Surgery

What are its advantages? Individuals want to opt for this type of surgery for a variety of reasons –

  • To avoid the trauma of an open surgery
  • To avoid the long recovery period associated with traditional surgeries
  • To avoid side effects like pain, blood loss and scarring

These are sure to prove advantageous to a patient; however, there are other things to consider before you undergo this surgery.

What are the risks? Though the time necessary for this type of surgery may be more than an open surgery, there are hardly any risks associated with it. What you need to do is get a qualified and experienced surgeon and undergo the procedure at a reputed Boca Raton Surgical Center.

How To Determine Which Method Should Be Used?

How does a surgeon determine which method is better for you? There is no set formula in this regard.. Here are a few key considerations.

The patient – the medical history of the patient, his/her age and weight, as well as the present condition play a determining factor in choosing a certain method.

The problem – if it involves a simple procedure like a diagnosis or a removal of a small problem, minimally invasive surgery is a good option.

The treatment – if it involves a treatment of a serious health condition, or something where low previous minimally invasive surgeries attempts exist, you may need to opt for a traditional surgical method.

Always get a good surgeon to help you understand the difference between the two methods before you make a decision. A surgeon has three goals – to get rid of the problem, to do it safely and to lessen the suffering during the operation. However, the first two are of primary importance.


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